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We started The Planteen to provide the children (aka leaders of a green future) at REAL School Budapest next door with delicious, healthy and plant-based meals.

But soon, our mission has crystalised into expanding mindsets around plant-based eating. The Planteen is where beauty, taste and sustainability meet every day.

Read on to find out why we decided to open a vegan place! Hint: environmental footprint, animal welfare, health impacts.

REAL School 

We prepare healthy and child-friendly meals to 100 students and school staff every day. 

REAL School Budapest is an international primary and secondary school with the mission to inspire and empower the next generation to dream and build a beautiful world.

Environmental footprint

1 plant-based day per week can save nearly 50kgs of CO2 each year!

Health impacts

Eating plant-based can reduce the risk of several major diseases.

Animal welfare

By turning vegan, you can save up to 105 animals a year!


What you eat and where you eat matters!
Check out this list of 10 things we do for sustainability!


Upcycled furniture is provided in the guest area, bought from local craftsmen.

Balanced, kid-friendly and plant-based school meals are catered to REAL School next door, to expand mindsets early. During spring-summer 2022, we also catered for EcoSpace, a school for displaced Ukrainian children.

Recycling is the norm across the café, kitchen and customer area. Did you know Graphisoft Park has their own recycling facility? In addition, organic waste is turned into humus through a special collaboration with the gardeners of Graphisoft Park.

Leftovers are donated to those in need through the Maltese Charity Service.

The Heroes for Responsible Dining Foundation and GreenGuide have both certified us from a sustainable operations perspective.

No animal products are used at The Planteen. We believe that offering a whole-food, plant-based choice is the way to go for our health and our planet.

Local and seasonal veggies and fruits make up the most part of our ingredients.

No palm oil is used due its tremendous environmental impact. We prefer using local and a wide variety of oil types, depending on the dish being prepared.

Oat milk is our choice when preparing coffee, as not only does it taste great, but it also has the smallest environmental impact among all plant milks. But you can ask for Sproud too – a very tasty and innovative milk alternative made from split peas.

Eco-conscious cleaning supplies are used wherever possible. The same applies for take-away packaging and all printed materials.


"I've been vegetarian for 4 years now, and always opt for vegan whenever possible. That's why it's great to have Planteen so close to my office. I love the food, so I keep coming back multiple times a week. And last week we even had a company team-building with delicious bites and drinks from here! Much reccomended."


UI/UX designer at Nuage Groupe

"I love Planteen meals because they are beautifully plated and the way they look always matches the taste - delicious and never boring! The balance of traditional and modern meals is perfect and the coffee here is delicious. I always feel like I'm eating healthier when I visit Planteen. Plus it's good to know that my impact on the environment is also smaller thanks to plant-based eating!"


Communications & Engagement Manager at IBS

"We have been following the career of Gergely Zsolnay, Planteen's chef, for years now. We were super happy to learn that a new vegan place close to our home has opened, and that he became chef there! We eat here every week. The quality of the ingredients shine through and the food is just great, not to mention the swiftness of the staff."

Edina & Zoli

Graphic desginers

"What I love about Planteen? The design of the space, the tasty food and the delicious wraps! I also really appreciate the kindness of the staff. It's great to have such a cool canteen on campus."


IBS Head of Student Union

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